Welcome to “The Fox and Goat” A home away from home, featuring “The Fox & Goat” to its next level of innovation and comforts by upgrading its services and hospitality features; we are grooming day and night and are well committed to satisfying high esteems and expectations of our clients. 


The Fox & Goat is a Grade-II listed building and is one of Oxford’s best sites to visit. Unprecedently, Eat-Drink-Sleep is a real-fun time altogether available on a single platform and the immensity of amenities being provided by The Fox & Goat is gravitating the customers from all over the surroundings with a growing ratio.


The Fox & Goat is situated approximately 9 miles east of Oxford with an eye captivating views which is worth more than a customer could expect. The mesmerising view in the evening to be seen when you visit the Pub cannot be expressed in words until it can be visited by yourself.


Moreover, in the evening when the locals visit the bar, you can almost be forgiven for believing that you are at home. 
We offer a wide range of integrated hospitality services, blending creativity with exceptional know-how to drive business. From the initial design to overseeing daily operations and everything in between, The Fox & Goat Management Team is always ready to create memorable experiences and owner value.

 Beware that there is no mobile phone coverage, but we are offering free Wifi high-speed connection 24/7 so you may be easily connected to your loved ones via the internet.
We speak your language!


Bar Opening Hours

Sunday  12:00 - 23:00

Monday  12:00 - 23:00

Tuesday  12:00 - 23:00

Wednesday  12:00 - 23:00

Thursday  12:00 - 23:00

Friday  12:00 - 23:00

Saturday  12:00 - 23:00